Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Afternoon Shadow

Groupons are evil. I see one and think, I should try that, it is such a good deal! I have done acupuncture, facials, pedicures, and massages thanks to Groupon. Some have been great, some have been strange. Several months ago, I saw a Groupon for "One dermaplaning treatment with a hydrating or rejuvenating mask. Dermaplaning treatments exfoliate the skin (without down time) and remove peach fuzz." They had me at removing peach fuzz. The older I get, the more fuzz I get.   I wanted to do something about it before I had to brush my face.  Because I am brilliant, I didn't really research what the dermaplaning entails.

I  changed into a soft comfortable rope, climbed under a snugly blanket. Relaxed, as the gal cleansed, massaged, and moisturized my face. It was blissful until she said, "Now we are going to complete the dermaplaning". I was fine until she pulled out a butter knife looking razor and shaved my entire face.  My forehead, my cheeks, my chin, my upper lip... She worked extra hard on my newly acquired chin hairs. I was assured that it is a myth that it will grow back thicker and darker. My face was glowing, it felt so smooth...

I am a week out from the appointment, and I can't stop touching my face.  Not because it is smooth, but because I detect a bit of stubble on my cheeks.   What?  Now I know, dermaplaning is a nicer way of saying close shave. For a gal who wears a swim dress to avoid extra maintenance...this is devastating.   Now do I keep shaving my face or do I let it grow?  When does it stop feeling like a prickly mistake?  I blame Groupon, well it is easier then blaming myself for not researching the word dermaplaning. If you see me out, please don't mention my afternoon shadow, please?

Monday, March 2, 2015

That Kid

I am the mother of "that kid", that creative, brilliant kid.  "That kid" with so many ideas zooming around in her brain .  "That kid" can throw her head back and belly laugh.  "That kid"is kind, sweet, and loving. 

"That kid" loves to draw anatomically correct people.  "That kid" can do an impersonation of Elaine dancing from Seinfeld without trying.  "That kid" pushes me to my limit.  "That kid" is mine and I wouldn't have it any other way because I love that kid.

                                                                                                                    Circa 2009