Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Claire is one

I love this picture, Claire looks a little spooked about the whole singing thing. Practice makes perfect, I think that I got down this whole one year old birthday thing. Adult only party with champagne. Claire and Ella loved being the centers of attention and the clean up was a breeze. I even got a little bit of a buzz to boot!

My girls crack me up. Ella is loving the fact that she can make Claire copy her. She loves telling her little sister to say, "milk". This is fine except when we are in the car, no where near home, and I forgot to pack a bottle. Thanks to the pleasant reminder from her sister, Claire is now royally ticked that she has no milk. I know how to handle this now, the expert mom that I am, I put in the Wheels on The bus CD and crank up the volume. Milk, what milk?

I have a question for all of the other mommies out there... When your two year old throws a temper tantrum are you sometimes secretly impressed. I fluctuate between feeling mortified to being in complete awe of her vocal talent. Watch out Mariah Cary!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Who cares!

I have decided that should be my mantra this week. I do get far too stressed out over trivial things. Today there was an issue that came up that my hubby was actually the word of wisdom. His comment to the situation was "who cares". Now, this comment usually royally ticks me off , but this time it really made sense. As Dr. Phil says, "How's that working for you?" We will see by the end of this week.

Do I really need a glass of wine tonight? Who cares!!

This is working for me already!!! Cheers!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Creativity what is that??

Ok, I was looking at the basket of folded laundry begging to be put away for the second day in a row, and decided that my time would be better spent surfing the net. I found this really cool site:

Cool stuff that we don't need. I was oohing and ahhing until I can across a recycled, purely organic card board box manipulated to look like a rocket ship. Yes, thats right you too can own a recycled box for $75.00, shipping and handling not included! The cardboard used is very robust and sturdy and can be collapsed for storage according to the ad. Nice.

This brought me back to my childhood..... Moving boxes recycled from the move of course, decorated with paint by number pictures, a curtain of streamers, and a picture window carefully cut without supervision. I stuffed my blankets, a few dolls and a flash light in there and could put my imagination to work. If I got tired of with that then the box could become a rocket ship, or the meeting room for my Michael Jackson fan club. Pull in the cassette player with fresh batteries and we were ready to party.

Are there really parents that would buy that? Save yourself some money go to Sam's and ask for some empty boxes, they do have large "robust and sturdy" ones!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sadly enough...

I find myself wondering where that cheery, wild, and fun girl of my 20's has gone. Now I am the proverbial stick in the mud. Spontaneous fun...can't do that anymore. What about the diaper bags, the extra snacks, nap times... Even after the kiddos go down, all I can think of is sleep and a good book. I feel like I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Lately a good stiff drink is the only way I can let go of all of my worries about everything from the toilet being cleaned to one of the girls falling down the stairs.

Throwing caution to the wind use to be my motto, now it is throw caution tape around the scene.