Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My life

After finding mystery turds in the toilet courtesy of my 6 year old for months, I have had it. 
"Addie why is it you never remember to flush the toilet? It is so gross."
"It is called Water Conservation Mom" (Mic drop)

While checking our bags with the Southwest ticketing agent...
Addie: "Would you be able to tell if we had guns in our bag?"

Addie is getting sealants on her back teeth. The hygienist was wearing a colorful mask. Addie asked, why it was colorful, the hygienist said it was just for fun.
Addie: "Fun? A jumpy place is fun, not a mask. You need to have some real fun."

We have been watching some 80's movies with the girls.
Ella: "Did everyone back in the olden days use inappropriate language and talk about sex all of the time?"
"I was your age when I watched them and I honestly didn't notice."
Ella: "Did you have attention problems when you were my age?"

Watched legally blond with my older girls tonight. Claire my 9 year old blondie said that she was "legally offended by the way blonds were represented".

Addie is working on thank you notes..."Dear Addison, Thank you for my fluffy Diarrhea." "Mommy, how do you spell diarrhea?"
I think you mean "diary" honey.

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