Friday, June 24, 2011

Whatever it is ….my sister did it

Sisters...I never had one. I have a brother 10 years younger than me, so I am completely unprepared for the sassy sisterhood that I am witness to every day. My 5 year old E,has an adorable sprinkling of freckles on the bridge of her nose. My middle daughter is freckle free and I am well... splattered with them. Growing up I hated my freckles until someone told me that freckles were angel kisses. E is thrilled when she finds another tiny freckle on her nose. She sings about it, she draws pictures about it, and she makes sure C knows that she is chosen one, and C is not. The other day she was dressed up in her fairy dress singing,"The angels love me can't you see! They don't like C. They only love me!!!" This of course caused C to become hysterical about her lack of angel kisses. "The angels don't love me, they only love E." This week however brought with it some excitement. C streaked out of the shower giddy with joy. "See Mommy, angels do love me, I have my first kiss." "Awesome!", I said until I noticed her shaking her little fanny around. "Where is this new little freckle?" "It is on my bottom Mommy, angels love my bottom!!" she shrieked with joy. E stumbled out of the shower in search of all of the celebration. C began chanting, " Angles love my bottom, Angels love my bottom." E rolls her eyes in disgust, "You are so gross C". C starts to sob and then pipes up in her shrill little voice, "You are just mad because Angels don't like YOUR bottom because it is stinky!" Now both girls are crying and my little 11 month old crawls into the room and whacks her head on the chest of drawers, she joins in on the wail fest. I just hope C doesn't decide to show of her angel kiss at Sunday School.

By the way, following my epic fail at the car wash, it did in fact rain 2 inches that evening. Those of you in Texas that enjoyed the rain, your welcome.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Epic Fail Mommy Moment

In the past three weeks, I survived a 3,000 mile road trip and little C's tonsillectomy and recovery. Who knew that today, the summer solstice would bring with it an epic mommy fail moment. I was rocking it today. It was one of those days when things were getting done and the kids were cooperating. I was feeling great about my mommy skills. I even listened to the Vacation Bible School CD four times in a row, that in itself deserved a few gold stars. One thing I have learned about parenting is enjoy the moment, because it could all go from calm to insane in no time flat...hence my epic fail mommy moment. It was another blistering day of 100 degree heat. The meteorologists were, excited yipping about a 15 percent chance of rain. At some point in the morning, they mentioned that we should all wash our cars to bring on the rain. My 4 year old heard this and begged me to get a car wash after her post op Dr. appointment. Sweet, if that can be the bribe it is a win win as far as I am concerned. I filled up my car with gas and got the receipt with the code printed on it. I should have been suspicious when I realized that the code was 666. Baby A was happily babbling in the car and C was chomping at the bit waiting for the rainbow colored soap. We slowly drive the swagger wagon in. Savoring the moment when the under carriage is being washed. I remind C to make sure that her little pop out window is in fact, closed. She cheerfully yells, "Check!" Just as the car wash begins to really get going, baby A begins to scream, not a fan of car washes. Little C is giggling and singing, "At The Car Wash doobie doobie doo....MOMMY, my window is open I am getting wet!!!" I launch myself over the seats until I am at the back of the van and pop the window back into the locked position. C finds this whole thing hilarious and is laughing, baby A is screaming. Since I am in the back seat, I attempt to calm her down and give up when she hurtles a book at me. The little sign in the car wash now flashes CRYSTAL CLEAN RINSE the last cycle, so once again I scramble to get to the front seat. Due to the diaper bag in my way, I crash over the front seat arm rest bonking my head somehow on the door control button. It was like slow motion... I hear C scream, "The door Moooommmmmmyyyyyy." Next, I feel a fire hose force of water pummeling the inside of the car. Baby A is wailing. I fumble to find the button to close the door. Screw the dry cycle, I floor it out of the wash and pull into the parking lot. I'm sobbing, baby A is screaming, and C is laughing out loud. I get out and open the door. Baby is is soaked from head to foot. Her hair is wet and dripping down her face. The stack of diapers I had at her feet are now bloated with water. I unbuckled the poor water logged baby and attempted to calm her. We are all fine, however I am sure some how down the way baby A may be in therapy for suffering from a debilitating car wash phobia. Now it had better rain damn it!