Sunday, February 14, 2010

don't need no stinking lemons

Take the lemons that life hands you and turn them into lemonade. All I can say is if I attempt to do that, the lemonade will be too darn tart. It is at most 4:00am I am hacking up a lung and I am a little ticked about the turn of events. Jeff and I escaped our stressful lives for a few days to reconnect, while my in laws came to watch the kiddos. I ended up getting sick and waiting 3.5 hours in the minor emergency. Nothing says romance like a waiting room full of snotty kids, hacking smokers, and a sobbing feverish wife. Upon returning home, we find our two sweet little ones crusty from pink eye and a pair of exhausted grandparents. Eye drops 3 X a day for a 3 and 4 year old is pure hell. The following day, I am out running errands in preparation for Claire's birthday when I get a call from our Realtor. "Are you sitting down?", she murmurers softly on the phone. I cautiously pull into a parking space and wait for the shoe to drop. Well, the buyers of our house, two weeks from closing have backed out of the deal due to the fact that one of them lost their job. Talk about a snot fest, I started sobbing and wouldn't you know it, the tissues were in the other car.
I just kept on thinking, why couldn't they lose their job two weeks from now, then it would be the banks problem not ours. Pure nasty to think that, but I did. I attempted to pull myself together for Claire's birthday. After tucking her into bed that night, I noticed that she had a fever. I woke up feeling like monkey poo about three times that night and as soon as 7:00 came around, had Dr. appointments for the both of us. Claire has double ear infection, I have a sinus infection and fatigue. I was ordered to take it easy and rest, I have a baby in my belly to think of. On top of this, Jeff is sick too, the in laws are in town, AND we have to get the house picture perfect for an open house. We have 28 more days until we close on the new house. I can't sleep thanks to a hacking cough, Claire has gotten up several times in the past two nights and for some reason my sick hubby can't hear her... I am done venting, my life sounds like a lifetime movie at the moment. I am done with spewing my negativity. I am going to find a positive thing to say before I end this post. Let me think... my bigger pregnancy boobs make me happy, sometimes I have to take a peek. Random, but that is all I got.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stress and Bambi


We are in the final stretch of the home selling/buying process and all I can say is HGTV is missing out on high drama. If you ever watch the show, the potential buyers make an offer, and very rarely is there any negotiating. You then see the happy owners in their new house a few months later. They need to show the inspection, the option period, and the appraisal. Who knew that potential buyers could come back during the option period and ask $1400 for window treatments? I will be so glad when we close on our current house, there are still so many twists and turns that we have no control over. To reduce my stress, I have been zoning out on more HGTV. One of the episodes this week really ticked me off. Let me preface this by saying thanks to pregnancy hormones I am suffering some anger issues. It takes very little to send me into a tail spin.
OK, so picture this... a beautiful blond, perfect body, in her late twenties wearing a tight fitting classy hot pink tube top, white capris, and heels. She is perched on the couch sitting next to her dream boat of a hubby discussing what she is looking for in her vacation home. "WE have a very tight budget.", she giggles. "I don't know how much of a house we can really buy for 1.8 million." I think I may have murmured a few expletives under my breath. The show went on to show the couple touring three gorgeous homes in Maui. I think the thing that send me over the edge, was after seeing all three homes the girl, lets call her Bambi began sobbing. "This is the most stressful thing I have ever gone through. Finding the right vacation home is so hard." I don't know what hit me, but my middle fingers on both hands took their position and I began yelling at poor little Bambi on the TV. Poor Bambi is facing the most stressful moment in her life, all I can say is good luck with that.